This long awaited blog will finally release some Android apps we’ve promised for a long time.

The following list of Android applications have been extracted from the Woolim tablet PC. These applications are pre-installed on all Woolim tablet PCs. Some applications use native libraries, therefore there are most likely not compatible with Android x86. Additionally, some use external libararies that have to exist in hardcoded paths.

It is recommended to use the apps in the Android emulator (Android Studio). We do NOT recommend to use the apps on any smartphones. However, they could be used on any compatible Android device.

Disclaimer: These are the untouched APKs from the Woolim device. These apps have been developed by the DPRK, so be careful. We did not alter them, so they may include malicious functionality. #YOLO


Using the dictionary apps is kind of complicated. The actual dictionary databases are not shipped within the APK files but are rather preinstalled on the devices in hardcoded paths. Therefore the three dictionary apps are packages in a tarball that includes the apps, the database files and a script that copies the data and installs the apps to an Android device via ADB. Again, it is recommended to use this with the Android emulator rather than with an actual Android device.

It is recommended to use Android Studio which has a convenient interface for the Android emulator. The following settings should be used for the emulator:

  • Android 4.4 Kitkat (ARM)
  • Internal storage: 2000 MB (minimum)
  • SD card: 300 MB (minimum)

The following screenshot shows a configuration example:

Android emulator configuration

E-C-K Dictionary

This app includes a dict with explanations for all kinds of words. It includes a dictionary for english-korean/korean-englisch. The database that is used by the app is the same that DPRKdict (Source) uses.

Elecdict boot screen

Elecdict screen

Sam Hung - Multilingual Dictionary

This multilingual dictionary supports multiple languages including e.g. english, russian and even german.


Not so sure what this app does, but it seems to be some kind of dictionary or educational app for other asian languages.

Okpyon screen



An app that includes many recipes for cooking. Maybe there are some nice meals in there. :)

Jigae boot screen

Jigae screen

  • APK download: Jigae.apk (sha256: 527171c04c682231089cca2b022a8305249bfe34e49853303a9e67753c50726a)
  • Help document: Jigae_help.pdf



Paduk boot screen

Paduk screen

  • APK download: Paduk.apk (sha256: 28f73fe2329eb3e8f268bdb060db4b307ed99a753f19ed0b9bc3bf00d85aaa36)
  • Help document: paduk_help.pdf


Koreanjanggi boot screen

Koreanjanggi screen

  • APK download: KoreaJanggi_pre.apk (sha256: a50b983487c0bd963130fb4a452428e51a85d5d491e170bfd7779c991dad71e9)